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iContact Smart Paper

premium cards with embedded nfc


The goal with this project was go from a "proof of concept" to production with media that would further advance the functionality of the premium cards we already create. Making this possible by embedding small programmable NFC (Near Field Communication) antennas into the paper and veneers we use. This allows any NFC capable phone or tablet device to automatically load our iContact instant contact and digital portfolio app simply by being in the general area of the card.

We can currently design and produce all shapes and sizes of cards, on multiple paper stocks up to 64pt, wood veneers up to 1/16", with either a raw, silk matte, or gloss laminated finish.

• Embedded NFC Antenna
• Premium Card Stock
• Various Sizes Available

Here is an example of one type of card, the A5 sized (5.8 x 8.3") Model Comp Card.

Cards like these are essential for interviews and casting calls, but only serve as a hint of their full portfolio. Printed on our NFC capable Smart Paper, this card will automatically launch our iContact digital portfolio app on any NFC enabled device the card is placed near.

Exposing the NFC antenna that we have laminated within layers of card stock.

One feature of our physical cards is the ability to keep the clutter of information to a minimum by only including details that will be consistant. For instance a person's name or business' logo, website, or phone number. Details like email addresses, or half a dozen social profiles that may change, don't all need to clutter up the design. While in turn creating a longer lifecycle for the physical cards and keeping you from blacking out the link to that MySpace page from college you'd rather not point people too. Instead we link the user to a mobile app where all of this information can not only stay current, but can be accessed at with just a touch. This allows us to design cards that serve as a true introduction to you or your business, rather than be a billboard of every possible way to get in touch with you. We do this by creating a mobile app that is designed along with the cards and is accessed easily by those you give the cards to by either a web address, by scanning a barcode, or by simply touching a card embedded with our NFC wireless antennas.

In the example above we have embedded the NFC antenna inside the card, behind the visual barcode. Keeping the antenna hidden from view helps to further free up space for an even cleaner design, but as an alternative for users without NFC capable devices, we will continue to use Microsoft Tag barcodes with graphics to denote the card has an NFC antenna inside. These can be scanned with a smartphone camera to access your personal iContact app we create for you. Both methods can collect a certain number of marketing data, like that of the geo-location of individual scans, time of scan, number of scans, and the type of device used to make the scan.

NOTE: Many NFC capable Android and Blackberry devices have been on the market for some time, Windows Phone 8 devices will feature NFC as well. The iPhone 5 will not have NFC.
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