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digital portfolio and mobile app


The goal with this project was to create a consistant appearance while varying the experience depending on whether the user was viewing the site from a desktop, tablet, or mobile. While the feel and content are the same, the UI is custom tailored for the device where the site is being viewed. Its responsive design will scale images and graphics down quickly load on the lowest of resolution smartphones, as well as scale up to the highest resolution retina displays with pixel perfect accuracy.

• HTML5 / CSS3 Valid
• jQuery
• Google Web Fonts
• iPhone / iPad Mobile App
• iContact Instant Contact
• Live Twitter Feed
• Fullscreen BG Slider
• Responsive Grid
• Masonry Portfolio
• HTML5 Audio

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This is one site as viewed from the iPhone 4S, the new iPad, and a 1080p HD desktop display.

High resolution retina graphics and Google Web Fonts scale to maintain a crisp appearance.

The mobile experience integrates our iContact mobile app and includes both a retina app icon and startup screen.

Our Model Comp Card (8.5x5.5") is essential for interviews and casting calls. Printed on our Smart Paper, this card will automatically launch our iContact digital portfolio app on any NFC enabled device located near the card.*

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