Bespoke Studio

The meaning of bespoke is to have something tailor-made for a particular person.
Where we shine as a design + build firm is in our custom work that is commissioned by our clients to fit their unique needs. We start with a design problem, consider the clients needs and special requests and design with certain materials and building techniques in mind. Below is a small collection of some various custom projects we've done in various materials. We hope they inspire your own project and if you like what you see, hopefully we can talk to you about creating it for you to the most exacting of specifications.

Custom Signage

Twisted Bitches
This sign uses multiple techniques and materials to create a unique look. Coming in at 36"x18", a thick 6/4" Cypress base is permanently inlaid with a border and puppy silhouette in black epoxy. Then, 3/4" Walnut letters are inlaid into the base and left proud of the surface and are finished with a natural surface and hot pink paint on the edges to create an interesting shadow line.
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Autumn's Welcome
This large 4'x4' maple leaf sign is made of sandwiched pieces HDPE by King ColorCore. This product is made of multiple colors which then become exposed during carving, leaving a exposed finish that stands out and can last years exposed to the elements with zero maintenance.
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100% that Witch
This sign is carved out of high quality HDU and hand painted. HDU is a great choice for indoor home decor items like this piece for Spooky Season.
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This holiday door sign is carved out of a high grade MDF and then hand painted and finished with a high grade UV protected polyurethane for many seasons outdoors with limited exposure. This would be a great economical choice.
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Merry & Bright
Festive decor like this wall art can be cut out of 1/16"-1/2" acrylic in any design, font, or size.
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Scranton Lace Table
This side table is made from a live edge Ash slab cut from the front yard of the form President of the historic Scranton Lace Factory. The famous logo was resurrected from an old dusty shipped crate and inlaid into the surface with premium epoxy from Chill Epoxy. We used a custom brass bowtie along a naturally occur split to prevent from further movement and finished this project with all natural Odie's Oil for years of use.
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Lunar Table
This table consists of a 2.5D carved walnut lunar surface with a 1.5" ultra premium clear epoxy by Chill Epoxy to create a flat finished surface where the carvings depth is clearly on display.
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Live Edge Walnut Shelf
Live edge slabs are beautiful to look at but also can be tricky to work with. Whether in a dining room table, or in a floating shelf like this, we have experience preparing and finishing pieces like this so that they remain beautiful for decades to come.
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Cord Management
Here is an example of a hidden compartment to disguise unsightly, but required cords for an entertainment center. A lid carved out of the same material uses neodymium magnets to securely retain it in place.
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Would you like us to quote out a custom project? Drop us a line and give us the details and we will get back to you shortly.